➤ Camel - Mirage


Genre:Progressive rock
Year of release: 1974
Producer: David Hitchcock

Favorite tracks

  • Supertwister
  • Nimrodel/The Procession/The White Rider


"What was that main factor which made Camel so special and so brilliant? Maybe, it's their sense of song's flow. Maybe, it's the feeling of something deeply emotional and resonating to one's inner self, conveyed in the majestic sounding sometimes soothing, sometimes lush keyboard sounds of Pete Bardens. Maybe, it's the fact that even being that lucid and airy these guys can rock out forcefully what needed. Maybe, it's the fact that they mastered the art of composing and intertwining dainty melodies instead of experimenting with some weird sounds for the sake of experiment. Most probably, this unique place they have in my heart is due to combination of all these facts and many others which I haven't mentioned. I can't point out the sole dominant feature which make Camel such a grandiose animal but 'Mirage' is one of my absolutely favourite albums."

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"Mirage is an essential Progressive Rock classic. [...] Camel evolves from the insecure debut and becomes one of the greatest Rock bands to ever exist. Mirage is the perfect place to start with Camel, every Progressive Rock fan will like it right away from the first listen. It contains some of the bands catchiest material, like Freefall, and it also contains some of their best songs of all time, such as Nimrodel/The Procession/The White Rider and Lady Fantasy. If you like good music, do yourself a great favor and get Mirage as soon as possible."

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Camel have their own their cool-ass-looking website. You can even send them a message through their contact page. :P