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Who am I?

That's a difficult question that I'd like to avoid by asking you: what do you want to know about me? Think for a while before answering and then see how useless and invasive some of the common questions are (what's your name? how old are you? where do you live?). I don't necessarly dislike labels but they sound a little bit empty by themselves. They always require additional information to portray meaning. A single words doesn't mean anything because it is too ambigous. For instance, if I merely tell you "I'm an anarchist" (I'm not (or am I?)), you will reduce me to whatever representation you already had of an anarchist. The only way to avoid this is by okay now that I've written enough bullshit for my description to have the same lenght as my picture I'll shut up.

What is this?

As far as I can remember I've always felt a need for self-expression that I've mainly fulfilled with social media. If you're here, you might already be particularly aware of how harmful mainstream social platforms can be. I thought that leaving them altogether could be a solution to all the harm it's done to me. But as a terminally online girl, it definitely didn't sound like a serious option - until I found out about Neocities (and the indie web in general). To speak in very abstract terms, my website (which is hosted in Neocities) is a place for experimentation, self-expression and knowledge-sharing (or at least I hope so). I will post anything ranging from personal thoughts about diverse subjects to cool stuff that I found in the internet or in real life (yeah, I also touch grass from time to time. Are you jealous yet?).

Conctact me

I'd truly appreciate it if you sent me a message! You can contact me via:

  • Email: mehlancholia[at]protonmail[dot]com
  • Neocities: @mehlancholia